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Games that are worth playing?

Hi everyone. What are some games worth getting into these days? Feels like every game has a season’s pass or an artificial grind.

Was playing the Back 4 Blood Beta and I grew nostalgic about games from “back in the day”. I was really looking forward to B4B hoping it would scratch the L4D itch but it feels different. I still go back every now and again to play L4D2 and it’s still as fun as it was back in the day.

I’ve tried getting back into WoW but with all the gatekeeping and artifice grinds I’m just about done with the game. Been considering picking up another MMO that isn’t FF14.

What about single-player games or even co-op games? What are some games that still respect a player’s time and are actually fun to play with an immersive gaming experience and a good story? How about Lost Ark? Or Throne and Liberty (coming out soon)?


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