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Kill Admin - Selected admin will run around the selected area, whole server targeting him, he may not rest
-world - admin can run anywhere he wants, but has to stay in place for while before moving to other area, and kill bosses to notify where he is
-village/outside village - admin runs around within single selected map
-forest of death - admin will run around in forest of death where everyone has easy access, making it very hard for admin to survive
-arena - everyone will be taken to selected arena, within that arena admin has to survive

Last Man Standing - everyone is summoned into arena, last man standing wins
-FFA - everyone fights everyone to death till one remains
-Bosses - admin summons bosses mid fight, making everyone evade bosses along with other participants
-Admin - admin/s hunt everyone within arena

Dodgeball - arena where inner circle is players, outter circle is admins, admins throw stuff into inner circle, players try to not get hit

Hidden - players try to look for something that has been hidden
-Admin - admin goes into somewhere and everyone tries to find him
-Item - admin spawns kunai/item somewhere within certain map which will be told to players, players look for that item, whoever finds it first wins
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