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As my earlier post seemed to be a little popular i got to thinking about how one of my ideas would work the idea i choose to focus on at this time would be the Blacksmithing/tailoring/woodworker profession's.

01. The Blacksmith profession, After the requirement's are met to pick a profession you could now pick the black smith profession you can now gather metals from rogues or boss npc the harder the npc the drop there are 4 type's of metal you could get most common would be iron 2nd copper 3rd. Steel 4th. Chakra Imbued Steel The's are needed to use the crafting profession after gathering required materials you can now craft your own unique kunai/shuriken/katanas/bladed fans/maybe later on if there are things for blunt weaponery you can craft a tonfa/staff/etc anyway the way this will work is there will be a gui pop up for the 3 main pieces of the weapon or two if its a kunai or even 1 if its a shuriken. So say if i wanted to make a Kunai Judging on the materials i have me personally i'd want to make a kunai with a trident blade much ike the hirashin of course it would look slightly different  anyway after choosing the type of blade for it id want to pick out the hilt i could pick a heavy hilt for a more accurate and dmging throw at the cost of range or i could pick a light hilt for more range but less damage this is all done through the gui  and obviously i cant just create it theres a succession rate based on my black smith skill if it fails it uses the materials i was using to craft the blade hilt and all also the blade is important too i picked the trident blade style for a good bleed effect and since its wide it would fly longer so it made up a little for the heavy hilts range if you like this please tell me Smile  Cool

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