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More Events

Team Events - these needs atleast 6 players participating
-Hunt: in here both sides will fight for which side kills most npcs
-Hit Them!: in this both teams will be invincible, the winner is team that gets more hits onto other team by end of time
-Damage: in here both teams will attack single object, the team that deals more damage onto it by end of time wins
-Hide&Seek: Other team has their hp changed to 1, their mission is to survive 2 minutes, while other team hunts them (they can attack and kill the hunters, if they dare to try)
-Escort: Other team has one person as Escorted he will have hp dropped to 1, others must protect him and take him to other side of map, while other team must kill him
-Area Capture: teams fight for capture of the area, to gain area team has to stand there for 10 seconds alone, both teams has timer this timer goes down when area is theirs, team to get their own timer into 0 wins
-Informant: informant hidden in map, spy team must reach informant and talk to him while other team must reach informant and kill him before enemy can talk to him
-Capture: one team are runners other team are chasers, when chaser punches runner he gets frozen, when other runner punchers frozen person he gets unfrozen, chasers must catch every runner before time runs out

Solo Events - these need atleast 10 participants, in these punch is only useable attack
-Murder Party: every participant is given "fake name" and target who they have to kill, if they kill wrong person they lose, when they kill target successfully they get another target,
last man standing wins (Name is invisible, to find it out you gotta ctrl+click on person when 2 tile close)

-Spy: nobody knows what job other has, everyone has 1 hp, spies kill villagers and hunters, hunters and villagers kill spies, hunter can detect bodies and see who killed them
Participants are selected by their participation number, first 3 being villagers for 1 spy and hunter (villager villager villager spy hunter...villager villager villager spy hunter...)

Special Mission:
-Sabotage: sometimes one player can be assigned saboteur in any team missions, they are on team but their mission aligns with enemy team, they must make sure their own team loses, if enemy team wins saboteur gets reward
Saboteur has effects of team he is on, he cant damage VIPs, any kill he does goes to team counter ect, saboteur can effect team success only non direct way
e.q. he can let himself be hit in Hit Them!, or he can stay idle or go in way of attacks in Damage, or ease the way for enemy team towards VIP targets

Team that has saboteur on it, can call him out if he gets called out he loses and is dropped off the game, though if one calls out person that isnt saboteur he gets thrown out himself
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

Really dying to play this game. I already found the IP from searching around but i am still not sure how i would know when the test server is available

Hey =D the IP found from server is already old, biji did get new server and now it seems IP changes everytime he hosts it xD though when you are on lets talk maybe on the this forums shoutbox, and i can probably get game hosted and ip for you to join and see whats happening
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

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