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Guide The Uzumaki Clan- guide to the sealmasters

In naruto ninja arts the uzumaki clan is one of the best support clans in game.The skills provided by this clan allow you to seal your enemy players(mostly all skills need players to function,one or two exceptions will be noted below) movements/chakra and even stop thier use of jutsu rendering them useless for a time.
The main Stats that are needed to unlock the entire skill tree are Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.Keep in mind the uzumaki clan employ most of thier skills at a close range so health will be heavly needed to ensure survability.Addionally chakra will also be heavily used simply because seals are chakra taxing at the very start of your journey. so the best course is to carefully even out your stats to ensure ninjustu/chakra/genjutsu/health equality.This is to maximize the use of the uzumaki sealing arts without dying from one punch.

Skill list:
Requirements:provided in skill tree.
Kibakuin:explovie seal that deals a certain amount of damage based on your total ninjutsu skill set it off use the explode verb in your jutsu tab.
Kongu Fussa:a chain like appendage that you can control to seal players jutsu.(skill does not seal Npcs)
Kongou Gekiryuu:a wave of chains that cause damage and freeze npc and players alike for 2 ware that
this technique leaves a trail that once stepped on hampers movement to friend and foe alike.
Kongou kekkaithe user creates a 10x10 size area like ice mirrors, but around themself, which traps user and target within, user takes 25% less damage.Great skill for any aware that players and npcs  can be harmed if touching this prison and the damage depends on your ninjutsu if your a ninjutsu whore they would die instantly.Should be used with other sealing jutsu to disable enemy.great tool so that your enemy cant run away.(Npcs can be affected by this skill)
FuinryokuConfusedlows handseals which slows jutsu and increases cost of chakra of jutsu.Great seal to be used in combination with other seal jutsu.
Kyuinfuu:when seal is activated enemy will lose 1% for the next 15 seconds if hit by 1 or more jutsu during that period.
Rykujoin:a large seal that is placed on the ground that sends all enemies who touch it to its center.(great technique that can be used with AOE  techniques to cause major dmage to enemy players or NPCs.)

There are many ways to train an uzumaki clan member.Like most players you can do missios,participate in Events or even kill NPcs.Once the final uzumaki technique is unlocked though,your afforded a boon in your training efforts.
Using Rykujoin along with any major technique that cause AOE damnage such as Raition:Shichuu Shibari will make training far faster.For a detailed list of maps/Npcs list please see the general forum for more detailed information.

Best Professions:
There are many routes you can take in terms of your professions which all depends on what play style you wish to have.below ill give a brief summary on how these professions could affect your uzumaki clan Character.
Fuin Specialist:addional seals which entrap/deflect attacks and even affect stats.Player vs player focused tree.Great profession to further add to your sealing.
Poison:This profession allows you to always have your weapons posioned.Long range players will benefit from this profession greatly.
Medic:allows self healing/boost stats/and even alter attck ability.another route that can be taken, recommend for players who prefer to heal at any moments notice/new to close range tactics.
Weapons specialist:another profession suited for a long range uzumaki weapon user.this skill tree affords unique weapon abilites and even allows you to recollect thrown weapons.
Assassin:not reccomended since it is a taijutsu based tree.but there are certain skills that work well with your seals.
Kugutsu:puppet techniques,not reccommended simply because it doesnt add to the uzumaki tree.
for further information on these professions please see

Now this guide is merely a tool to assist you on which path you will take to make your own uzumaki character.the possibilites are endless in terms of playability.
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