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Village Workings


when player creates character he is randomly assigned into one of the 5 villages
he gets 1 village perk that becomes more and more powerful as time goes and 3 village jutsus
but he loses both perk and jutsus if he leaves the village
for every 10 village contribution the property aspect raises by 1%

Mist Village
Perk - 2% more damage with taijutsu
Support Jutsu - is invisible when walking on water
Defense Jutsu - raises water around user for 2 seconds to block all moves except doton
Offense Jutsu - makes large 30x30 area of mist around user and makes user invisible
Leaf Village
Perk - 10% more exp within party
Support Jutsu -hops on top of trees when this jutsu is used
Defense Jutsu -
Offense Jutsu -
Rock Village
Perk - 2% more damage with ninjutsu
Support Jutsu - when he walks into cave wall with this he starts moving inside the walls and can come out of other wall
Defense Jutsu - raises earth around user to block all moves except raiton
Offense Jutsu -
Sand Village
Perk - 5% more exp when alone
Support Jutsu - blows dust onto their opponent giving them chakra vision kind effect on that person
Defense Jutsu -
Offense Jutsu -
Cloud Village
Perk - 10% more damage when in party
Support Jutsu - bursts light from users body blinding anyone within screen for 2 seconds
Defense Jutsu -
Offense Jutsu -

Kages can give out the same missions mission npc gives with exception that there is no cooldown and kage can choose the mission
Rank, Mission and Target
SS,  Kill Leader,  Indigo
A, Kill Player, Roco
B, Kill Boss, Sasuke
D, Investigate, Leaf

Village boost bonus: kage picks what bonus will be set as the reward for when the village hits village boost (if there are no kage to pick a bonus, there will be no bonus)
-duration increase
-exp gain increase
-decrease the cost on shops even more
-doubled EP
-doubled VP
-doubled AP
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

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