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Bug List - Indigo

Rank 0: Common/Major Things Broken
-weapon collect doesnt do anything
-if doryuuheki doesnt hit anything as projectile, it stops and stays there forever (doesnt dissapear)
-nara shadow can catch user too
-if you pick something you cant take with you, it will tell ya, but it still counts as a pick
-inuzuka loses all its dog moves on relog
-inuzuka if u dont put point in stamina before hit pet-sleep dog bugs into 0/0 hp
-nara after death shadow still stays
-nara shadow dissapears after kubi kills one person, even if multiple are caught
-kikaichus/puppets are immortal
-nara shibari doesnt bind Bosses only mane does (works on normal npcs tho)
-nara when npc breaks out, bugs the shadow, which still thinks npc is caught

Rank 1: Abusable stuff that effect playing a lot

Rank 2: Abusable stuff that effect playing abit
-Kurohigi kiki ippatsu if you summon puppet back when it has trapped someone, enemy stays frozen
Rank 3: stuff that effect playing a lot
-canattack var sometimes bugs at 0, making it so you cant attack anyone with anything that uses normal punch (havent yet found out exact cause)
-fighting styles on hit dont auto target anymore (like normal punch does)

Rank 4: stuff that effect playing
-White Fang Tanto and Asuma's Chakra Blades are fighting styles for some reason, by wearing other fighting style you keep em on but their effect is nullified
-Senbon and Windmill arent bounced back with jiton gekitai
-fightning style copy doesnt work with kengan and jigokuzuki
-Mokuton daijurin and jukai koutan trails dont dissapear on their own
-Mushidama cooldown bugs if enemy dies on it so cant use more than once
-Chibaku Tensei shouldn't pull the original body towards it either.
-Half sharingan can be spammed 3-4 times before it goes on a cooldown
-Your chakra goes into negatives with half sharingan
-Teleports are messed/stopped very easily if you move (summon, teleport, shunshin, jail, dashes ect)
-if sig jutsu dont have element any other element jutsu can beat it
-keiyaku fuuin when used on controlled person, he gains control but control from other guy doesnt vanish (its like shisui control both are in control of single character)
-Aburames kikaichus shouldn't be able to break shields
-Custom jutsus don't have an icon when they are spat out by Jikukan
-Empty World doesn't do anything.
-medical ninja doesnt use sharingan to give sharingan count
-weapon camouflage should be able to be seen by user (maybe by doujutsu/sage mode too)
Rank 5: Small stuff that doesnt effect much
-doryuuheki icon is aligned wrong the shot goes into wrong line
-Shinranshin spams if hit
-when you kill alt you go into 0,0,0 and have to kill yourself, you also appear in 0,0,0 sometimes you relog or die
-explosive kawarimi doesnt show tag being used in inventory (amount doesnt decrease)
-sage roco says you get 60k ryo, you dont (possibly other mobs too)
-sage roco used konoha senpuu, did no damage
-pills are on cooldown even if you never used them before
-when you choose ryo on rebirth you get nothing
-juho soshiken and chakra no mesu dont deactivate on death
-fighting styles effect (crit rate, dodge rate) is lost when you deboost something or die

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