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new tsukiyomi?

A 3 tile wide invisible projectile that travels 10 tiles and goes through anything(shields, controlables and other jutsus)
Once hit by the invisible projectile their view would be put in a different world/screen (much like the sage jutsu Gamarinsho)
The jutsu takes 10% of the users current hp as well as chkra when used, and after the jutsu is used, the user moves slow.

In this world they would see a shadow of themself getting stabbed repeatedly by the user.
The victim is forced to experience a drastic passage of time in the fraction of seconds Tsukuyomi is actually active, 
the stress on their mind would slowly damage them (based on the users gen), doing DPS for 3-5 sec? 

this jutsu do no damage if the target also has MS active, but they are still bound in the genjutsu.
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