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Hoshigakura/Rain village

Star village
Rain Village

Peacock Method User

1.Dragon- Summons a dragon made of star energy, fires in a 2tile range in front of user

2. Beast Varients(Tiger)- Controllable Tiger beast that you control with your keypad after use, upon contact does a 3x3 aoe damage.

3. Star Wings- Boost attack speed, and damage with Clan jutsu by 1.2x, at the cost of losing 100health per 3seconds, Mastered 1.5x with a 150 health drain per 3seconds.

4. Ensnare- Shoots a rope and causes slow down, and drains chakra for 5seconds(if the opponent has 0chakra, drain health instead)

5. Eruption- Sends a orb of energy that explode upon contact, dealing double the damage(similar to katon:endan)

6. Meteor Shower- Requires Star Wings mastered, and activated, unleash a 4x4 aoe around the user.

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