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trait Ideas

Special at a Young age- the player with this trait, will be able to get a to unlock there special/fusion or extension at a certain level instead of getting Brank shinobi.

Executioner- if there hp is below 20%, your next jutsu can isntant K.o them.(reference kisame head chop on hidan example)

Weapon expert-Do 10%more damage with a sword/weapon equipable.

Genjutsu master-Gen related jutsu last 10second longer, and causes screw after affect for 10seconds.

Clone specilalist- your bunshin,kage bunshin only, will have the affects of your main elements.
Doton- Needs two-3hit to disapear
Water- can throw lvl 2 mizudeppous with a command set, for auto, when near opponenet every 5seconds intervals.
Lightning- destroying a clone will cause paralzye affects for 3seconds, does it in a 2x2 aoe.
Fire-burn user oupon using tai to destroy the clone.

Rich Ninja- ryo gains are doubled from mission and kill npcs, ryo lose reduce by 50%, so upon death you wont lose too much pocket ryo.

Rank OnE-Allows the player to get 2x rep from mission completion or any form of rep earning. at the cost of 25% exp gain from bonus mission reward.

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