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Samurai clan ideas

Since samurai cant use ninjutsu but chakra, can they have a chakra infuse into there blades they weild technique addition to their skill tree.

The jutsu point would be a waste, so how about convert them into a section that allows you to add jutsu points to there armor/sword to give it more damage/reduction abilities? there would be a cap for that ofcourse, since  jutsu points are limited, they could get 1jutsu point per level, to lessen the overpowering to an extand.

there aquired sword if they dont already should cause bleed.

reintroduce the skill tree for them instead of anbu, but hunter nin equilvent, the duel sword, burried somewhere I know it exist, could make it a actually thing.
 the anbu rank give them the chance to unlock a certain technique in the duel sword skill tree for hunter nin equilaent.

for custom blank scroll, they can have a category that allows them to customize there weapons or create one, for versatile, comes with a special ability for the type of sword for example,  power, speed, or defensive stance.

e.g: Katana causes bleed, and crit rate, nodachi attack speed, crit rate, wazikashi could increase attack range by 2, and comes with a technique.

anbu ver, and shogun only sword that can infuse chakra to give boost, that can stack with buke zukuri, and the kage relic has elemental technique that could come with it( only limited to two, that you can choose upon receiving it)

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