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Rebirth system

When you reach your first level cap which is level 100, you can rebirth by saving up 700village points, and buying the rebirth pill at point vendor located in your village Kage house.

When you rb you'd get an option to keep Village, ryo, special, trait, or item.(1thing at 1st rebirth), then it'll send you to character creation, pick a new clan if you wish or stay with the one you had up to you. you'r cap will increase by 10 to 110 each rebirth it goes up by 10,, the max is 5.(theory you can rebirth as many time as you want,but cap will stay at 150 at beyond 5th rb)

2nd rebirth cap 120, get to keep 2 thing out of the 5 selection this time around, the first was 1, so the second is 2.

3rd rebirth and above you get to keep 3 things out fo the 5 selection. cap will be 130 now.

4th rebirth is cap 140m and 5th rebirth is 150 cap.

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