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Village Workings

Village Workings

Village would have its own level and village level cap would be 100, each level requires 50 more reputation
so first level needs 50 second needs 100 third needs 150 and level 100 needs 5000 reputation
every village level village gets 2 perk points, every 5 levels it gets 1 village point and every 20 levels it gets new village jutsu
people who leave village loses all bonuses and jutsus
when kage changes he can restat the village and put points as he wants

Kage can use village points to increase its villages stats
Economy = increases money rewards on missions by 10%
Military =  increases exp rewards on missions by 10%
Population = increases chance of being born in that village by 1%
Security = 1st point adds a new genin mob, 2-7 points ups the rank of that mob, repeat 1-8 cycle (with 100 points gives village 11 new kages and 1 new tokubetsu jounin)
Diversity = increased chance of Special/Fusion/Extension within village by 1%

Kage can access village skill tree where he uses perk points on and he can choose the jutsus other people can then learn from village library
Taijutsu Perk - 1% more damage with taijutsu
Katon Perk - 1% more damage with katon
Fuuton Perk - 1% more damage with fuuton
Raiton Perk - 1% more damage with raiton
Doton Perk - 1% more damage with doton
Suiton Perk - 1% more damage with suiton
Exp Perk - 1% more exp when alone
Party Perk - 1% more damage and exp within party
Mission Perk - 1% more mission reward

Kage can control his villagers by commands
Aggressive - Villagers attack any non villagers
Patrol - Villagers report anyone they see to the village chat
Defensive - Villagers attack only when attacked
Target - Kage can choose person every villager will attack
Call To Arms - teleports 10 villagers around kage
Protect the Scroll - makes villagers aggressive and walk towards the scroll area

Kages can give titles to villager tho only 1 villager can hold one title
Leaf: White Fang, Yellow Flash, Green Beast, Pervy Sage, Professor
Sand: Black Sand, Red Sand, Golden Child, Puppet Master, Magnet of the Sand
Mist: Demon of the Mist, Monster of the Mist, Mercenary, Bloody Mist, Mirage of the Mist
Rock: Iron Fist, Null-man, Fence-sitter, Shield of the Rock, Dust of the Rock
Cloud: Killa Bee, Golden light, Silver lining, Black lightning, Unruly
Iron: Legendary Swordsman, Cursed Warrior, Accursed, Ronin, General of Iron
Sound: Dragon Sage, Perfect Specimen, Kinjutsu Master, Experimenter, Cursed Warrior
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

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