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Kishin: Tank Profession

Passive - 30% chance to take no damage  on hit
1. Henkyaku - skill that deal the missing amount of user hp as damage in 3x3 AOE around user
2. Seinaru no Tate - creates a 50k HP shield on the user, the damage taken will heal the user up to 50k hp, lasts 15 sec
3. Chouhatsu - enemies within 5 tiles of you lose control of their movement and walks towards you for 5 sec duration (they can still attack)
4. Dageki - weak target skill that damages and blind target, screen flashes white for 10 sec (causes jutsu failiure for the duration. damage 1/10 users max HP, 30 sec CD)
5. Shugoten - allies(i.e players from same village or org) within same screen will take 10% less damage, 100/s chakra drain
6. Aegis - shield, makes user invulnerable and unmovable (cant attack either), takes 500 chakra for every hit on the shield, all pysical damage taken is reflected back to attacker by 50%, 100/s chakra drain

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