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Kamizuru Clan

clan passive - halved hand seal time
+ Create bees - user creats 15 bees (costs 1k chakra)
+ Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu - when jutsu is used for a duration, the user can click anywhere to control bees trajectory in air that will explode on impact or when they run out of time (3x3, explode, knock back, lasts 10 sec)
+ Hachimitsu no Jutsu - summons 1 AI bee cluster, attacks on collision, same targetting system as demon hearts (at S rank the player can have up to 9 bee clusters in the world at a time,the bee cluster becomes a blob of honey when killed, and the honey slows like caltrops. Costs 2k chakra and 3 bees to summon a cluster)
+ Hachi Senbon no jutsu - makes all your summoned bees fire senbon in the direction they are facing(spamable, senbon effect, nin based damage, 250 chakra per use)
+ Hachi Kakyoku - disorients ppl in the users view, makeing taijutsu miss and ninjutsu fail by a 50% chance - aura effect, drain to keep up 300 sec

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