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Exclusives (kage)

stuff for kages (village specific)
+damage reductions on kage suit
- Hat 5%
- Suit 10%

+ Kage Relics, the kage gets 2 options, they pick 1 relic
- 1st hokage's necklace (gives the holder 10k extra hp and 50 hp regn per sec)
- Raijin no Ken (the user punch in 3x2, 10 crit, chance to slow on hit)

- Sand Gourd (gives the holder 10k chakra and 50 chakra regn per sec)
- Crecent Moon Fan (when punching the user releases a small gust that hits 3x3 infront of the user(3 sec CD on making of AOE), deflects ninja tools in the aoe, boosts fuuton jutsus by 10%)

- Hero's Water (replenish 10k of the users hp and chakra, 45 CD)
- Yagura's Club (10 crit, knockback, 20% chance to reflect incomming tai/nin damage)

- Gelel Stone (Gives the holder a passive hp regeneration (200 every 3 sec))
- Petrifaction Gauntlets (boosts doton jutsus by 10%, when the user punches, there is a 50% chance to petrify a part of the target)

Petrifaction Effect:
Head = freeze for 1 sec
Body = damage taken increased by 25% for 15 sec
Hand = 50% less jutsu damage for 15 sec
Leg = Slow 5 sec

- Supervibravo Swords - crit 15, 10% chance to stun on every hit (stun last 1 sec), hits in cross pattern (left,front,right and back)
- Vambraces (increases exp gain by 2x, no delay punch, boost raiton by 10%)

- Meitou Masamune - gives 35 dodge, heals 10% of users max hp on hit
- Youtou Muramasa - gives 15 crit, causes permanent bleed on hit  (stacks)

PS. loses item if they lose kage rank or RB

+ Bonus form golden age/village boost: kage picks what bonus will be set as the reward for when the village hits golden age/village boost (if there are no kage to pick a bonus, there will be no bonus upon golden age/village boost)

Bonuses to pick from: Activates upon golden age/village boost
- EP = Every villager online gains 3 EP(ammount debateable) (the kage gets 5 EP)
- VP = Every villager online gets 75 VP (the kage gets 100 VP)
- Money = double money gains during village boost (the kage gets 3x the amount)

nice ideas, i especially like the ability for kages to give bonus into rep boost
stone of gelel and hero's water not exactly have anything to do with that specific village but they are good
i gotta say some relics need balancing so they are all somewhat equal options
3rd kazekage, umberella, eye scope are clearly lesser choises

stone of gelel - you know how much 500 per second is? that person is practically immortal xD
hero's water how can it cost and give chakra/hp at same time?
you have word "crit" in many of these but what does it mean? does it give more crit chance? how much?
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