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Screenshot Competition

Hey everyone, its time to change NNAs hub screenshots into new ones

Screenshots will be taken showing NNA in it's best light, you may edit the screenies but not to the point where it's obvious, moving someone from a previous screenshot to another is fine.

Only the screenshot organiser may claim a prize
You may use as many people as you want so long as it doesn't make the shot look cluttered

1st place - Choice of any item or special, Or 25 lvls
2nd place - Minor special or 15 lvls
3rd place - Extension/Fusion or 10 lvls
4th place - 5 lvls

Screenshots -must- be taken via the Byond proc (F2), and the person taking the shot must have their screen set to size 8!!

Post all screenshots under this post!

This Competition will end 11.05.2016 and we will announce winners then

[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

[img][Image: jashin_zpstja3jdjt.png][/img]

[img][Image: kag_zpsyktje6fd.png][/img]

[Image: unfinished_zpsxptwub50.png]
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

[Image: 6758fcf50e42afb23a860ed525649676.png]

[Image: 4541b5b9b200477e024aa4e1e38cf441.png]

[Image: b9d5da342de9409958d46a0f2ea6dcdc.png]

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