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2. Update Log - 06.09.2015 - Bjisboss - 09-06-2015

-Bounty,Crime & Bingo book System added
Spoiler: Bounty,Crime & Bingo book System
Status value:

Crimes and Bounty:
Crimes against X Village - Your value of crimes for a village, killing village shinobi, players, etc increases this value.
Bounty - Your bounty increases by the current crime you do * your number of crimes.


Crimes you can do:
Kill Village Shinobi - 1
Kill Village Player Jounin and over - 2
Kill Village Player Chunin and below - 5
Kill Village Player Kage - 15
Completing Mission against village - 2
(Killing players in arena should not count towards these


Bounty added for Crime:
Kill Village Shinobi - 100 Ryo*Crimes in that Village
Kill Village Player Jounin and over - 200 Ryo*Crimes in that Village
Kill Village Player Chunin and below - 200 Ryo*Crimes in that Village
Kill Village Player Kage - 1000 Ryo*Crimes in that Village
Compleating Mission against village - 50 Ryo*Crimes in that

Bingo Book
Is recieved at chuunin rank

When your bounty increases over 25k. You appear in the Bingo Book of the village you last did a crime in.
After your bounty is 25k if you do a crime in a village (aside from your own village) you appear in their bingo book even if you only have done 2 crimes.


Players with a Bingo Book can look at the Bingo Book and accept a mission to kill someone when they appear. After someone completes the mission, the bounty of the person reduces to 0. and the crimes that person did is reduced.

Roco has 300 crimes in Sand. with a bounty of 320k ryo.
Indigo accepts the mission in his Bingo Book to kill Roco
Indigo kills roco and claims the bounty
Indigo gets 320k ryo
Roco's crimes are reduced to 150 and his bounty is now 0 Ryo
Roco dissapears from the Bingo Book.

-Akmichi skill updates
-weapon salesman update
-pasword system added for when bases/houses are added
-arena updated no longer gives you deaths

-In process Rank battle Arena
Spoiler: Rank battle Arena
Arena Rank Battles(new verb)
- Once clicked you will be able to select your type (Team,Single or Death)
- Winning a Rank battle will give you a points on the rank battle leaderboards (Single, Team and Death will each have its own leaderboards)
- Losing will Lower your point by 1
- After each rank battle (any type) it goes into 5 minute cooldown during this time you cannot enter rank battles


Single Rank matches Are 1 vs 1 matches.
You are able to challenge anyone above you on the rank leaderboards but not below you. yet anyone below you are able to challenge you.
you gain 1 point from each win, you lose one point from each lose

This rank battle is based on your party members. you create team of 3 people
while all members of your party are on you can challenge other party 3 vs 3. If both dont have full party a message will thus appear stating the teams arent full
Winning team gains 3 points

Create Team group verb this creates a group with name of your choice and gives invite to members you want until leader Disbands it.
Group must have 3 members to enter rank battles
on the Team Leaderboard it will show the groups name, points and place

1st place, 130 points: Unbeatable Trio (Indigo,Roco,Bjisboss)
2nd place, 100 points: Wolf Gang (Wolfie,Khalid,Minato)


Will be a ffa that will start 3 minutes after it gets 3+ people registered
- 1 point per kill and 1 point for Winning
- you lose 1 point when you die (so in 0 kill match you lose one point, in 1 kill match but you die you gain 0 points)

e.q. 8 people will join FFA
indigo - 4 kills (4 points)
roco - 3 kills  (3 points) WINNER +1 point, 4 points total
bjisboss - 1 kill (1 point)
khalid - 0 kills
minato - 0 kills

Ranks - top 10 players on leader board will be granted S rank
Top 10 of each leaderboard will gain S rank (atleast 50 leaderboard points needed)
11-20 of each leaderboard will gain A rank (atleast 40 leaderboard points needed)
21-30 of each leaderboard will gain B rank (atleast 30 leaderboard points needed)
31-40 of each leaderboard will gain C rank (atleast 20 leaderboard points needed)
41+ of each leaderboard will gain D rank (atleast 10 leaderboard points needed)

Village Reputation
each person in village increases its reputation (it pretty much is how many people of which rank are in village)
Champion - +5 village reputation
S rank - +1 vilalge reputation
A rank - +1 village reputation
B rank - +1 village reputation
C rank - +1 village reputation
D rank - +1 cillage reputation

Sannin - have your team as number 1 of team leaderboard
Champion - be number 1 of the single leaderboard
Gladiator - be number 1 of the death leaderboard
S rank - be top 10 on any leaderboards

i would think it would be cool if leaderboard interface for this would be main part of it
leaderboard would show users rank, points, name, wins, losses and maybe also highest rank he achieved and amount of challenges declined
it would show names and ranks of everyone in the leaderboard
-every name below your rank is grey
-every name green means that person is online
-every name red means that person is offline
by clicking green name you challenge that person

everything about rank battling would work through leaderboard

rank | points | name | wins | losses | best rank | declines
1# | 67 |Indigo | 142 | 75 | 1# | 0
2# | 54 |Roco | 140 | 86 | 1# | 0
3# | 45 |Bjisboss | 133 | 88 | 2# | 5
4# | 43 |Khalid | 130 | 87 | 2# | 3
5# | 31 |Minato | 121 | 90 | 4# | 10
6# | 24 |Wolfie | 116 | 92 | 3# | 4
999# | 1 |Madara | 96 | 95 | 998# | 0
-Hanzo boss added to iron country
-poison weapons added
-smoke bomb/poison bomb added
-jashin nerf
-poison bomb nerf
-weapons tweeked
-custom jutsu's tweeked
-5 arenas now usable
-Admin verbs Tweeked
-new hair styles added
-new missions added

more to come