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Restoring Hp/Chakra - Indigo - 07-07-2015

i have absolutely no idea if its good idea to make healing complicated, but here is idea that does it xD
Rest would be removed
instead of rest there would be multiple other ways to regain your hp and chakra

Beds - when you walk onto bed and stay there for 3 seconds, it starts healing like rest does with person eyes close green healing (bijis idea)

Medical nin: he will restore chakra and hp completely but you would need to run to hospital

Pills: can be bought from shop, these are meant to be used in battle, but these have same cooldown (you use one pill, all pills go into 3 min cooldown)
Blood Increasing Pill - restores 30% hp
Soldier Pill - restores 50% chakra
Restoring Pill - removes all effects like poison/burn/bleed/movement disruptions/blind
Kill Pill - this is dropped when you kill npc (maybe player too), this is used immidiadly when walked on and doesnt induce cooldown, this gives 1% hp and 20% chakra back

Food: this would work similary like rest, you are frozen till you have finished, better food is faster, on hit eating is disrupted and food is lost
these wouldnt be like rest that gives hp and chakra gradually back, this is all or nothing, if you are disrupted in eat time you lose the food and gain 0 hp/chakra back
Dango - 50 seconds and it gives hp and chakra completely back
Ramen - 20 seconds and it gives hp and chakra completely back
Curry of life - 10 seconds and it gives hp and chakra completely back
Sake - as it is (makes you drunk)

RE: Restoring Hp/Chakra - Bjisboss - 07-07-2015

We will use hospitals beds/house beds for rest

And food for everywhere else