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Hawk ideas - Strequiem - 10-30-2017

Hawk lleader gets custom cs seem like a lovely Idea, the members would get

The Juugo-
Ability to boost there taijutsu type related cd ability but its not cs, (because bj xD), Just give a 1.5x strength boost, last 60seconds, has a 20second cooldown.

Taijutsu and ninjutsu would slip thru him %chance, and gives a small 1.25boost when holder a weapon base weapon.

Give a free pocket spy, Healing technique that can heal user or other players by giving them a small aura like affect that whenever you hit them, youll get healed, or they can heal themselves.

All comes with A Black Robe- robe Gives a small damage reduction, an experience boost by 10%(can stack with other boost).