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1. Update Log - 18.03.2015 - Bjisboss - 03-18-2015

- Map Revamped

- Orchimaru hideout added

- Uchiha district added (& Secrets (wink))

- Kaguya Revamped

- Taijutsu Specialist Revamped

- 2 new Jutsus Added to Hyuuga (Shotei and Ichigekishin)

- Npc's Revamped

- New mobs added (snakes,Snake Henchmen,kisame,madara,orochimaru,Mu etc...)

- Spy Npc Added (tells you all the information you need for a price ;p)

- New Clothing added

- Missions & Rep System Added

- Ninja Tools Revamp(kunai,caltrop,explosive tags etc...)

- Replaced Tobirama boss with Mu

- Sub non clan added(Jashin religion)

More Updates to come ^^ Tongue

Note: Even thou the game isn't up as yet we are still taking suggestions

RE: V3 Updates - Justin053191 - 05-07-2015

when will nna be up normally cant wait to play?

RE: V3 Updates - Grand - 05-07-2015

The test server is up pretty often, if ya wanna play on it just look around the forums it'll tell ya how to get onto it (not sure if they want me to tell ya the IP to get on)

RE: V3 Updates - Indigo - 05-07-2015

naturally if ip is found on forums why would telling it be bad? XDDD

RE: V3 Updates - Justin053191 - 05-07-2015

i havent found it cuz i just been looking on the byond site, how exactly do i use that ip to get on?

RE: V3 Updates - Grand - 05-07-2015

On the Byond interface there's a Cog in the top corner "Menu" click it then click "open location" enter the IP that Indigo provided and you'll be able to access the test server

RE: V3 Updates - Kurei - 06-04-2015

Revamps feel pretty nice, Mission system makes it a little easier for peeps who have bad-ish survivability. Still having problems leveling nin users though, granted -- I don't have my clan jutsus on Aburame yet so that could be part of it lol.