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Village Taxes - Shinari - 03-12-2017

- pay taxes when entering a village (a tax npc/machine will be next to the village entrance)
- kages can modify price (if no price is set, it will be free entrance)
- only people from other villages need to pay the tax

presets tax options:
- no tax
- 5k
- 10k
- 15k
- 25k
- 40k
- 65k

PS. all tax will be stored at the tax npc/machine next to the village exit, the kage may go and collect it whenever

Tax not paid:
- village npcs will attack on sight
- based on lvl stronger npcs will be summoned a few tiles next to you

=the mob will spawn on you after 10 sec if you do not pay the village tax= (there will be a tax npc right next to the village entrance, every 10 sec 1 more will spawn)
lvl 1-20 = no village npc will spawn on you no matter what
lvl 20-40 = village npcs with same stats as a rogue will spawn at you
lvl 40-80 = village npcs with same stats as a village shinobi will spawn at you
lvl 80+ = village npcs with same stats as an anbu will spawn at you

PS. All spawned NPC disappears when you leave the village