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History of NNA - Indigo - 02-19-2017

Version 1
[Image: 8TLP8EY.png]
Kyuubi Jinchuuriki vs 2 Akatsuki members within leaf kagehouse

[Image: OA9NcwW.png]
Artisani using goukakyuu and Junkey lurking in background

[Image: Q4Zz0F5.png]
Leaf Kagehouse at night time, with lamps giving out light

[Image: u5qoVJ0.png]
Artisani using black chidori infront of leaf kagehouse

[Image: 1LxoC07.png]
Roco as hyuuga using palms that kept hurting anyone standing within area back then

[Image: cvvgNaD.png]
Artisani using housenka, suiton jutsu mizuame nabara seen in top-left corner

[Image: 6SS6IDV.png]
Artisani using katon karyuudan infront of leaf kagehouse

[Image: zZ5fLGI.png]
Kyuubi under hoshigaki clans suiton Suirou and artisani shooting katonheki

[Image: Ateaqtp.png]
Artisani using kyuubi rasengan against kyuubi

[Image: fXt1zXV.png]
Artisani using moonshower blast

[Image: T6h72kx.png]
Artisani using Waterwall

[Image: XUUjxIt.png]
Artisani using doton doryuuheki

[Image: fzhQTxC.png]
Kyo training fuuton mastery next to element trainers by spamming fuuton rapiddofaia to get all his fuuton jutsus

[Image: pzUNJ8W.png]
Artisani using shikifuuin
[Image: GHCzqeC.png]
chidori and rasengan about to clash in Valley of the end V1

Version 2
[Image: scrnshot27.png]
Raikagi as Sanbi Jinchuuriki in leaf spawn

[Image: scrnshot28.png]
Albert as Hachibi Jinchuuriki

[Image: scrnshot19.png]
Kitsuya as Kyuubi Jinchuuriki

[Image: scrnshot29.png]
Albert using Susano'o, Roco in the background

[Image: scrnshot12.png]
Doton Doryuuheki versus Star village shield in arena

[Image: scrnshot14.png]
Raikagi as Sanbi Jinchuuriki in mist spawn

[Image: scrnshot15.png]
Sawarabi no mai in leaf spawn

[Image: scrnshot16.png]
Katon Goukakyuu at cloud spawn

[Image: scrnshot17.png]
Khalid about to be hit by Satetsu Shigure

[Image: scrnshot18.png]
Khalid hit by Satetsu Kaiho

[Image: scrnshot24.png]
Shiki Fuuin used on kubikiri user

[Image: scrnshot25.png]
Lucario riding on Clay bird

[Image: Demons.png]
All games bijuu's and their Jinchuurikis

[Image: chillininfrontofleafacad.png]
Everyone tended to group outside leaf academy

[Image: Elementscompleted.png]
Elemental jutsus back then

[Image: NarutoVsSasukeafterTimeSkip.png]
chidori and rasengan about to clash in Valley of the end V2

[Image: NarutoTrainingSageMode.png]
Different rasengans ingame

[Image: pein.png]
Roco destroying Pein

[Image: KakashivsDeidara.png]
Ryuu using left eye sharingan mangekyo's Kamui

[Image: scrnshot3.png]
Star village members showing off their shield (Donator village)

[Image: mange-1.png]
Bjisboss, Indigo and Kentaro showing Mangekyou moves

[Image: boom-1.png?t=1303335521]
Showing all fusion techniques

[Image: pawnageppl-2.png]
Showing all extension techniques

[Image: lol-1.png?t=1303341594]
Fighting Yonbi in rock village

[Image: 25yx0lf.jpg]
Gokage assemble

[Image: nowayout.png]
Gathering at Akatsuki base

[Image: scrnshot1.png]
Fighting kyuubi in leaf, kyuubi is frozen with aburame's mushidama

[Image: Missingvsleaf.png]
Mess at Hashirama Area

[Image: d2.png]
Showing new elements

[Image: y-2.png]
More new elements

[Image: 7-2.png]
More new elements

[Image: msk-2.png]
More new elements, few fusions in mix too

[Image: Proffessions-2.png]
Showing profession jutsus at leaf

RE: History of NNA - Menzer - 02-23-2018

Amazing screenshots and you've put all this together so well, Indigo. I'm impressed.