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Hey There everyone who found their way here.

NNA is being worked on, it has brand new maps and few new techniques and is quite close to be ready to come back up, main update isnt visible for you but the code has been cleaned out of everything useless

here you can see some of the new stuff (it links into many other guides, including one that shows the new maps)

in here you can see what has been added, this list will be updated till game comes up

but main reason i am making this thread is so you can comment here tell what you think of NNA and it coming back up and just have conversations with us, maybe if you are intrested me or biji could even host the testing server to let you see it yourself

so come and tell, i am also intrested in who you were in the previous versions
Yo Indigo I got your msg its been awhile it'd be cool if you could put up the test server :o, when is the actual NNA gonna go up online?
I would also like to experience NNA again it has been so long.
sure its up now

EDIT: well madara you took too long gotta go sleep now xD i left server up so you can check it out if you do come on before i wake
put byond:// on the byond pager and cannot have been that long since you used byond
Just wanted to say i'm really enjoying the new map on the test server now that i'm getting used to it (You're so gonna change it to confuse me aren't ya ._.) gonna continue waddling around the place and getting a better feel for it, Nice work so far Indi Big Grin
thank you =D and no i am not planning on making alot changes anymore
So glad that at least a test server is up. Missed this game a lot  Sad

With that being said, the maps are a great change. Can't wait to see what else happens.

Although, i am sad the Vampire Org is being deleted. I've been Vamp leader for the past 3 wipes.

See you guys on NNA!