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gave doryuu taiga cooldown
increased daitoppa cooldown
increased kamikaze cooldown
increased daibakufu cooldown
decreased housenka cooldown
decreased goukakyuu cooldown
increased hitora cooldown
increased hibashiri cooldown
increased doryuusou cooldown
lowered rairyuu damages drastically (its multi hit and did 1.8x nin)
increased chidori senbon damage, and hopefully speed

lowered anbu hp to 750k and his exp give to 150k. put 4 anbus in middle map
fixed big icon moves (doryo dango, reppuushou ect)
fixed whisper and other verb stuff
fixed following traits: regeneration, drug dealer, doton absobtion,
fixed some rinnegan stuff like cooldown for absorb
fixed missing FoD door so only missing and orgs can enter it
and possibly fixed so there is 5 sec immortality after using doors
fixed genin exam tutorial quest checking it on "wait 15 mins" into right after passing

100 level gives only 1 stat point (should give 5, then 101 first level to give 1)
Genius trait isnt counted on restat
Akimichi wings icon bugs if you run out of chakra
No cooldown on dynamic marking
cant use jutsus during curse as jashin
Akatsuki statue you can click multiple times and start sealing same bijuu many times over
Akatsuki statue after sealing is over user stays frozen forever
Fuka Hoin does nothing
Stuff that Fuka stops doesnt dissapear
Chakura no mesu doesnt deactivate on death
Juho Soushiken doesnt deactivate on death
Shinkirou, user can use jutsus with it
Shishienjin should allow target use jutsus from within
workaholic dont give you the 2nd proff
workaholic dont give you 2nd proff skill tree
changed genin cooldown from 150 min to 15 min
shark mode can be used even when its in use and keep getting higher and higher boost
added hoshigaki suit
added uchiha suit
next to Zetsu stairs density is missing
next to Sage roco stairs density is missing
NPCS ignore kamizuru bee's
you can use handsigns and then shield, meaning you can do jutsu and be in shield same time
you can rest within shields
gave samehada infuuin chakra drain if users chakra is over max chakra
made samehada like it was first meant to be works only on moving projectiles
Hyouton mirrors,  users screen should be centered within mirrors and not move with user during this jutsu
gave handsigns to futton shimeri jouki, komu, mizuke
decreased shimeri jouki dmg from 2.3x to 2x
sharingan conceal time raised from 10 seconds to 100 seconds
increased shisui shunshin time to 20 seconds

Changed the boss armor drops and some ryo amounts
dark indigo = 1250 ryo
sage roco = 1500 ryo
shadow khalid = 2000 ryo

drop zones:
rock lee : 1-20
dosu: 5-30
kabuto: 10-40
sasuke: 15-50
orochimaru: 20-60
hanzo: 25-70
mu: 30-80
kisame: 35-90
hashirama: 40-100
zetsu: 45-110
copyist: 50-120
dark: 55-130
sage: 60-140
shadow: 65-150

-made jinchuuriki's not drop essence until they are 75 lvl
-fixed all jinchuuriki icons
-fixed burn not stacking
-added all SSM and Akat rings into rebirth banned items
-made people able to rebirth continously the last rebirth
-added color text for all moves that missed it
-fixed/buffed rinnegan shinra tensei, bansho tenin and chibaku tensei
-added akat ring inventory icons
-added icon for konan paper drop
-updated spy/GM LevelCheck verbs
-made capping flag take village rep instead of village points
-fixed 4 anbu mission needing only 1 anbu kill
-added pocket spy into rebirth banned items
-made you lose ring/SSM sword when you leave organization
-hopefully made it ask user if he wants to join akatsuki when invited (not forced into org)
-fixed tutorial book for samurais (element parts) and for hoshigaki and kamizuru (clan tree)
-added chinoike into genin test
-probably fixed the bingo book being broken
-fixed sound investigation mission too
-made bingo book tutorial book mission so that you just need to click the bingo book
-now orochimaru hideout investigation should work
-now samurai also works as village shinobi kill for tutorial book
-fixed the double mission kills x
-fixed that when you close rinnegan you keep the jutsu of the last path you used
-fixed sharingan keeping techs when they run out of chakra
-added weights into the exp caluclation
-bijuu spawns fixed
-fixed you dying when doujutsu awakening saves you
-gave blood stream handseals
-fixed all the armor prices and gave socket scrolls price too
-made ketsuryuugan not awaken on very first death always
-all trait stuff are now handled through trait reset scroll, so you lose your last trait totally
-fixed the mute verb
-fixed hydra sticking when you run out of chakra with it
-fixed blood hydra not having trail
-fixed blood hydra so you can turn it off on second click
-made it so feudal lord cant rest nor be healed
-fixed that when you use starter pack as acad student you dont get levels
-made palms into single verb and depending users doujutsu level its either 32 palms, 64 palms or 128 palms, also included with shinaris amazing new palms icon
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