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1 new fusion added aswell as a fusion remake of futton Fusions can now be unlocked at B rank

Jinton - Raiton and Fuuton Fusion
1. Jinsoku - once used for 15 seconds user can click anywhere he wants and teleports in there
[Image: e7dea285c7f85d58703dcda9790c888f.png]
2. Mueishou - in this fighting style user teleport to different spot around enemy after each punch (so if you punch from front you can appear at enemy back or side)
[Image: fa12cd775dba7edd2465dd7c2ec3e041.png]
3. Onsoku - next 3 steps user will move 5 tiles at once (like GBW moves 2) and is intagible can move through people and jutsus
[Image: fadaa8a41ff2c2fa383fb11ca8b0275a.png]
4. Shinkirou - invisible till user attacks or is hit, every 3 seconds it shows where user is by showing "afterimage" (complete invis no chakra vision or target shall work)
[Image: 7f40985e3eb028e2ca20a21c919fa7df.png]
5. Sokuryoku - no cooldowns for taijutsu or tools in next 5 seconds, and handsigns totally gone for duration
[Image: 95fe2f256287e17a0609046948f78d71.png]
6. Ukai - user dodges all jutsus and taijutsus for next 5 seconds
[Image: 06e0296244eebe8a73e8d0c686b943f9.png]

Futton - Katon and Suiton Fusion
1. Mizuke - user can click on spot to make 3x3 area that do dps
[Image: fd2e2845d2021a9be068e7c3ebbcbf49.png]
2. Kairiki Muso - The user releases steam through their fists doing more damage when they punch, leaving whoever punched with a burn.
[Image: 30dc1b78c7cba6496fa16553fcb355ce.png]
3. Jouki Bakushin - The user creates steam around themselves and dashes forward, passing through anyone in their way leaving them with a burn.
[Image: d9c854b9836d9e027d68d16162831b24.png]
4. Shimeri Jouki - makes 5 tile wave that leaves trail which dps, it has weak initial damage, but can destroy defense/IS like current komu
[Image: ae82cf376f785fe3555072698614a3db.png]
5. Komu no Jutsu - makes 5x5 area around user, this area dps anyone inside it, user can do jutsu many times and increase its damage and size to 7x7 at cost of chakra, this lasts 10 seconds
[Image: 35fd753a95f6837281587c1c3e2cfbfe.png]
6. Fumoufu - burns anyone who hits user physically, and reduces damage taken
[Image: 639b748e5dcdb9f8c4440ffcf4f0583b.png]
New clan Selects Screens added with updated dscriptions only hoshigaki available in new selection section atm
[Image: c7696f492f3f5d0689f0a44f02b82804.png] [Image: b19eb0f3ace55d78d830e9abab00608d.png]
[Image: ae80e203b0507c49dd336b1084543a0a.png]

Clan Passive - you gain 100 extra Chakra for every point spent on stamina

Shark Bite - Bites the user 1 tile infront use dmg based on taijutsu causes bleed (200 taijutsu unlock in skilltree)
[Image: c04de520bf0c6e9294b4129c3ee573b7.png]

Water Whip -User holds a bubble of water then swings it like a whip(hits 4 tiles side ways infront 2 left side and 1 up on right side[(c.d 2 seconds uses 300 chakra)(300 nin 300 chakra & 300 taijutsu unlock in skilltree)dmg based on mostly nin and a bit of taijutsu
[Image: d60a623f8e5c9d2c42ffb15254b04bd6.png]

Water Shark bomb - Shoots a hudge shark that explode on impact(2x2 explosion dmg based on nin)(c.d 15 seconds Drains 200 chakra per use)(550 nin 400 chakra unlock in skilltree)
[Image: 8f9c7fbe0a23b88bcb11f62856173171.png]

Water Prison - 1 tile use the user traps the target inside of a water prison hitting the target thats trapped inside with drowning damage water prison can be broken by breaking it with the F key (hp based on players based chakra)(drains 500 chakra to use c.d 25 seconds )(1000 nin to unlock in skilltree)
[Image: 3c388829afa309b281c389ee0d72ff70.png]

Water Cannon -Shoots a blast of water (1 tile projectile that knocks back )fast projectile(c.d 5 seconds drains 700 chakra)(1k nin and 1k chakra unlock in skilltree)
[Image: f4875f08fd2403ef9c124fb2af68ffe0.png]

Shark Mode - Skin turns into a shark increase nin dmg 0.5x in this mode shark bite dmg is doubled and damage is reduced by 15% in this mode(mode last 60 seconds r until death)uses 1k chakra to use(70 sec c.d)(5k nin and chakra to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: 9bea864afdd8a2b98d809996d2c11640.png]
Samurais added to clan select samurais can only be born in Iron Country

JAshin move from under non clan an is on clan select
Bug Fixes

Kamizuru Clan Added

clan passive - halved hand seal time

+ Create bees - user creats25 bees (costs 1k chakra)(60 sec c.d)(200 nin to unlock)
[Image: 43585cd76c74bdf6512f71b123d227eb.png]

+ Hachi Kakyoku - disorients ppl 3 tiles near user, making taijutsu miss and ninjutsu fail by a 50% chance - aura effect, drain to keep up 300 sec(1k nin to unlock)
[Image: a8204d50a38ffbbd0732cb6ece0818c4.png]

+ Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu - when jutsu is used for a duration, the user can click anywhere to control bees trajectory in air that will explode on impact or when they run out of time (3x3, explode, knock back, lasts 10 sec)(uses 3 bees)(20 sec c.d)(800chakra)(400 nin to unlock)
[Image: 3acc06ffba4c025e579846aaab3a3192.png]

+ Hachimitsu no Jutsu - summons 1 AI bee cluster, attacks on collision, same targetting system as demon hearts (at S rank the player can have up to 9 bee clusters in the world at a time,the bee cluster becomes a blob of honey when killed, and the honey slows like caltrops. Costs 2k chakra and 3 bees to summon a cluster)only summon 4 sets of bees until S rank u can summon out 9)u will get the message u cant summon any more until S rank disappears overtime bees only stay in world for 60 seconds then disappears unless killed honey stays on floor until stepped on or for 10 secondons (10 sec c.d)(1k nin to unlock)
[Image: 165b39527d3d5efa15f603b315fb95d6.png]

+ Hachi Senbon no jutsu - makes all your summoned bees fire Stingers in the direction they are facing(, Poison effect, nin based damage, 250 chakra per use,(1k nin to unlock
[Image: b149faccb9790800485d6f3ce6b96f81.png]
Clan Passive: you take halved damage from poison/burn/bleed and Katon: Tenrou

+Kibakuin - sets a exloding seal on floor when hitting the (Explode verb also used for tags) is rig to exlode doin 1/4th the users nin dmg(uses 100 chakra to use,5 sec c.d) 3x3 explosion seal explodes automatically if left there for 15 seconds(200 nin an gen to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: 800c5a29623a1c36310914714b59e200.png]

+ Kongou Fuusa - user shoots controllable chakra chain that has dense trail
- if a target gets hit by the jutsu or touches the trail, he wont be able to use any jutsus until he breaks out of the jutsu sealing.
- to break out of the jutsu sealing which makes the target unable to cast jutsus, but can still walk and throw weapons, they have to punch their way out like any other bind
- bind hp = gen based (can be stop by hitting the target r using the move again)(15 sec c.d)((500 nin an gen to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: 68838f59d58aaf158b06eafaf2fc4a28.png]

+ Kongou Gekiryuu - shoots 3 tile wave of chains with trail (getting hit or stepping on the trail will freeze target for 2 sec)
- damage = nin based(15 sec c.d 800 chakra to use)
(800 nin to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: 37b7a02cc21873c020de09bae38ba80e.png]

+ Kongou Kekkai - the user creates a 10x10 size area like ice mirrors, but around themself, which traps user and target within
- inside this area, the user takes 25% less damage from all sources
- targets running into the chains will take damage, this doesnt affect the user
- chain damage = nin based-drains 300 chakra per sec-cage stays until the user dies,deactivates it by using move again or if user runs out of chakra
(1000 nin to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: d6e06452f777884646ccf64f807d9701.png]

+ Fuuinryoku - slows handseals and doubles chakra costs of target
- this jutsu lasts till target dies (duration of jutsu is debateable) -25 secs or death
- this jutsu is applied to target like gogyou fuuin(40 se c.d 150 chakra to use)
(1000 nin to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: d2d2c6a491ca66973c35597089e22ee3.png]

+ Kyuuinfu - for the next 15 sec target will lose 1% of their chakra every sec if hit by the jutsu (applied to targets like lvl 5 tenrou)(25 sec c.d 30 chakra to use)
(2000 nin to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: c9bdfa75471f683c364495268c1e1381.png]

+ Rikujouin - the user leaves an indicator on the ground
- activateing the jutsu again, a summoning jutsu symbol appears where the indicator was and sends out sealing jutsu text in all directions
- stepping on the sealing jutsu text will pull whoever touches them to the center
- this jutsu lasts lasts 15 sec after the jutsu text has spawned in a 10x10
- the pull doesnt affect the user doesnt affect the user(100 sec c.d takes 3k chakra when used)(4000 nin to unlock in skill tree)
[Image: 08a4ef2cddc4c9790140654181f43469.png]
Will be remove from profession select list an added to clan select

Passive : Takes less damage from explosions 50% less damage
Katsu-Explodes all clay moves

Create clay-creates 10 clay c.d 10 seconds (200 nin to unlock)

Clay Spider - Summons a Spider that is controllable by click does no dmg until exploded does 1x nin dmg when explode using KAtsu(100 chakra uses 2 clay c.d 3 seconds)(300 nin to unlck)

Clay bird- Shoots a bird Projectile that explodes on impact or can be self exploded with katsu when this projectile is shot the user can click once to change the course of the bird projectile whiles it is moving(2 clay 200 chakra c.d 3 seconds 3x3 explosion)(400 nin to unlock)

Clay centipede-shoots a 1 tile centipede with a trail if run into the target does bump dmg and explodes 0.5xnin can also be sel exploded by using KAtsu(2x2 explosion,c.d 15 seconds,uses 4 clay(600 nin to unlock)

Clay Dragon - User Summons a drgon he can ride that stops him from being hit by taijutsu when riding bird is control by movement when off it its controled by up,down,left,right verbs bird does 1x user nin and a 3x3 explosion (800 nin to unlock)
to ride bird walk next to it and click it to get off click it whiles on it

C3 -Summons a clay like thing with arms spreading hitting sitting there for 10 seconds if not self exploded with katsu 10x 10 aoe (uses 40 clay) 2k chakrac.d 180 seconds(1k nin to unlock)sends waves of explosions

+ C0 Big Bang - The user explodes killing themselves and damaging a huge chunk of the map 10 sec cast time, need 100 clay, damage based on the users chakra, the farther away from the explosion the less damage, 15x15 aoe)c.d 230 secs(4k nin to unlock)
new event added

Paint Ball Event (Free For All Event)

- event will auto unequip all weights /event will not allow players to join with green beast weights ability on (give message please remove green beast weights an try to join again)

-needs 3 players to start

- added to event Rotation

- players spawn random points on map (so they all dont spawn in 1 point)

- there A will now shoot paint that if hit a player will take away 1 of there lives

-each player will have 5 lives in the paint ball event

-players will have bow speed delay on there throw

-when a player is hit it will go you have 4 life left in game

-when a player is outs a player it will announce Indigo has knocked out Bisboss(1)<- meaning how much bjisboss knocked out before he lost

-After being knocked out you will be sent to spawn

each player you knock out will give u 10% of the exp you need for the next lvl and 5 vp

prize -30k exp, 4 ep, 6 vp

Paint ball Match has now come to a close Winner Roco Has Won the Paint ball match with 5 knock outs Paint ball Match has now come to a close will announce

Power Items - wiil spawn randomly on the map walk to it an hit E to get it an gain its powers for a short amount of time

Speed orb- gives you green beast weights speed for the next 10 seconds

Life orb - increases your life by 1 can do over cap so if u have 5 life u will have 6(this item wiil have the lowest chance of spawning)will show u your l

Reflect orb - the next paint ball that hits you will be negated

Rapid Fire Orb- Picking this up will remove your delay for the next 5 seconds(no delay)

Random items will spawn 1-6 on the map every 4 minutes and will disappear if left untouched on map for 5 minutes
kage hats will give 5% dmg reduction

suit will give 10% damage reduction

new verbs for staff

party members share kills so if player A takes a mission to kill Hanzo and Player B kills it whiles Player A is on the screen an in his party he will complete his mission

Alot of Bug fixes
sage mode sense an yama sense can now see players on the map for 15 seconds

Hyuuga bykugan can now see players on map

rikujouin unable to pull
bug fixes
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