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Golden Era(GE)/In game Aid

Golden era or GE, is when a village achieve 250 village reputation, in turn giving everyone in that said village 50% exp boost, half off on any item in the store, 2minute cd in mission cooldown, and unable to earn personal rep till the Ge is over which is 30 minutes.

In golden era, best to have experience scroll which you can buy from point vendor next to the Mission holder in your Kage house, and have weights on, all stack with the Golden exp 50%.

Normal weights cost 5000yen(1.5 x exp boost)
Super weights=25000(1.6x exp boost)
mega weights 150k(1.8x exp boost)

Expereince scroll last 25minutes, and gives 30% exp boost.

Flag in boss map- Gives damage reduction, 10%exp boost int eh area you see your village has claim, and give expereince and 10village point upon capture.

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