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Tutorial Training Methods

Training Methods
Click the link to see video of how it works, and read description to learn how its done

Taijutsu + Shishi: dodge shuriken -> go do combo of punch+punch+shishi -> run away -> repeat

Taijutsu + Boost + Shishi: Same as above but stronger, Juho Soushiken and Byakugan in the video

Chidori Senbon: just keep running then firing at boss, try not to waste too many shots

Raiton Jigokuzuki: its pretty much safer version of punching, throw kunai to maximize damage

Pillars: try keep boss in the sides where the damage is highest, round around the pillars to get full use of them

Doryuudan: abit more chakra extensive, but pretty much same as chidori senbon

Mizudeppou:keep shooting at enemy, i suggest shooting in rows of 3-5, to minimize the missed shots chakra usage

Mizukagami: reflects back bosses shurikens, use mizudeppou with it, they pierce through mirrors so you can shoot through em

Reppuushou: works only at bottom of map, be near boss and hit him with it, you need to have enough nin for reppuushou to destroy bosses shuriken to maximize effectiveness

Tsumabeni: very ineffective training method, needs money kunais/shurikens but its still best way that katon has solo

Hitora+Daitoppa combo: take good distance and shoot daitoppa, eat as many tiles as possible with hitora and you will do around 200k dmg per shot, hitora explodes so dont be close

Uzumaki Rikujouin: use rikujouin to immobilize boss then shoot him with best you got, works amazingly with pillars

Hoshigaki Bite: bite is fastest and easiest training method, its like normal taijutsu but alot faster

Inuzuka: damage boss with the dog, but keep eye on bosses hp with ctrl+click and make sure dog doesnt kill or you wont get exp, kil shot must be done personally

Assassin: all assassin moves are viable as extra taijutsu moves in training, use the dagger and last move to be invisible from bosses and get some free hits in during your invisibility

Hyouton: within shield you cant be hit without AoE, hold the boss while others attack or with outside controllable jutsu you can do damage the boss

Swift - Mueishou: gotta have high hp and damage for stronger bosses (15k nin,  50k hp and 65% crit rate i could do it only up to hanzo. mu/zetsu/hashirama needed 2 runs)

Swift - Sokuryoku: viable training method but uses alot kunais/shurikens and is quite costy method

Rinnegan: you can leave path to boss, go outside safe yourself and kill the boss with your path, baraly any chance of you dying yourself

White Fang Tanto: very powerful taijutsu training method
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