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bug smashing

-Inuzukas dog isnt targeted by mobs if player isnt in sight too
-inuzuka sotoro can punch only towards left and icon is mostly not dense
-inuzukawhen your dog dies you cant get it back unless u relog sleep doesnt work to heal it or goin to the vet
-Akimichi big version of nikudan sensha bugs on and doesnt work after 1 use
-wep specialist camoflage
-wep specialist collect
-investigation missions often goes into negatives
-bingo book often doesnt give "Your job is to hunt down [Target] and kill him for his bounty." text that makes bounty not work
-bingo book there are alot empty pages you can keep scrolling for while before you get actual player page
-event point stuff doesnt save player after it is used (so they can relog and buy again)
-event point fusion gain, does it take into account if person has 3rd element (elementalist)
-feudal lord event after dying you wont respawn in area
-capture the flag, flags reduced movement speed can be removed (removing weights, heals, using stat point ect)
-capture the flag doesnt give everyone in team reward when someone captures for them (only scroll carrier gets anything)
-sand shield doesnt protect from punches (add kaiten effect into it)
-sand shield spikes hits only 1 tile close, when icon goes 2 tiles far
-if someone logs out in arena or accepts another arena fight that arena gets locked
-chakra specialist trait does nothing
-if someone joins an log out during event it bugs unable to give winner
-runtime error: type mismatch: cannot compare "1000" to 10
proc name: Stat

 source file:,531

-you cant join event if it is hosted whiles u r logged off
-faction org invite and kick doesnt work unable to invite
-when a bijuu spawns it spawns a bunch of invisable bijuus that u have to kill or delete if u delete the main bijuu with the icon they all disappear
-area pulse trait does nothing
-genius trait should be 3% chance to get, now it seems to be same as any other

random trait
-village hero trait doesnt give more rep gain
-Sizzle burns user instead of target
-Home Advantage works only in leaf, doesnt work in forest nor forest of death
-dust off trait chance is 100% instead of 5%, tho it could be raised to 25%
-Fuuton Reflection trait does nothing at all
-Shell Shock trait doesnt work (possibly gives effect to user like sizzle)
-weapon master trait doesnt raise weapon dmg
-Taijutsu master trait doesnt raise tai dmg
-Survivalist trait boost dodge rate
-rebirth when you choose trait you gotta also choose ryo for it to go through
-ranked leaderboard doesnt go in order completely, sometimes low people sticks in

-ranked leaderboard doesnt account losses you got before you had points, point
-should be how many wins over losses
-arena cooldown gets often bugged somehow, doesnt stop
-Faction Leaders lose there element skill trees with the Faction Leader rank
-Nara Shadow crush move doesnt work(kage kubi Shibari)
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

doryuo dango still bugged js

Kamizuru bugs
Bee's kill each other if you have more then 1 tile of them and click somewhere.
One of the skills crashes the server, I believe its the exploding tag bee's.
AI is crap, follows super slow, doesn't attack enemy's.

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